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At Intrepid Capital, we offer our clients access to all the derivatives markets in South Africa; namely Equity Derivatives Market, Agricultural Derivatives Market and Interest Rate and Currency Derivatives Market. We enable our clients to trade online in these derivative markets using a high-class, sophisticated, market-leading web based platform called Web TraderPro.

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Direct Market Access

DMA is a high performance, web-based professional trading application called WebTrader Pro which holds live market data, at real-time.

Accessibility and Ease of Use

WebTrader Pro enables our clients to access multiple markets and multiple asset classes which gives our clients a view to both the full market data and order routing facilities, at real time. 

Our DMA platform can be accessed by any desktop, tablet and smartphone and is supported by all Internet browsers. This means our clients can easily access their account from any location and device plus there is no software download required at all.

You can also create and have access to multiple accounts in one login. This is particularly useful if you want to trade multiple strategies or trade an account on behalf of someone else.

Experience and Protection

At Intrepid Capital, we have in-depth experience in the derivative and equity markets, which allows us to advise our clients accordingly. This experience, combined with our technology partners, Nutcracker, has enabled us to build a market leading risk management facility to provide our clients with real time protection. We will endeavor to protect you against the market, as well as yourself, ensuring that you are able to trade responsibly and profitably for years to come, with as little risk as possible.

No Monthly Cost

Our DMA platform is provided to our clients at no monthly cost.


We go beyond simply counselling all of our investors and instead strive to empower and educate our clients so that they can trade on their own using our DMA.


As is the nature of the Internet and Electricity status quo in South Africa, you can be assured that when those inevitable Internet glitches happen, you can have complete peace of mind as we are only a phone call away to execute your trading orders on your behalf.


 •Live streaming prices

 •Ability to create multiple personalised watchlists

 •Real time SENS information and news

 •Intraday graphs

 •Market depth of 3

 •Real time online trading

 •Real time profit and loss statements and reports

 •Real time risk management

 •Ability to enter, cancel and amend orders online

 •Live portfolio values, exposure and gearing

 •Trade and price alerts via email and SMS