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Protect your business through Currency Futures offered by Intrepid Capital.

Intrepid Capital is a specialist derivative brokerage registered as a member of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). We have a strong focus on helping clients involved in international trade to manage and mitigate their currency exposure using Currency Futures or Options.

Listed JSE Currency Futures are flexible, cost efficient and simple instruments to hedge currency exposure. All clients can transact directly on the JSE through our Direct Market Access (DMA) platform.  Prior permission and supporting documents are not required when trading Currency Futures. These instruments are rigorously regulated by the FSB (Financial Service Board) and the JSE. Our fee structure is simple, competitive and transparent. When you transact we only charge brokerage, and there is no management or administration fee.

Hedging currency risk is as simple as opening an account on the JSE through Intrepid Capital. Our modus operandi is simple, yet effective:

  1. We listen to you and understand your problem
  2. Present a personalised and workable solution specific to you (all fees etc. are reflected at this point)
  3. We will assist you in executing the agreed approach (we offer training on the product or can implement the strategy on your behalf)


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