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Intrepid Capital (Pty) Ltd is a specialist derivatives brokerage firm providing access to all the derivatives markets in South Africa, namely:

Established in 2013 as the derivatives brokerage subsidiary of Dreadnought Capital, the firm has since made inroads into the highly competitive financial markets by offering an alternative investment solution and hedging strategy for retail clients, corporate clients and hedge funds. 

Intrepid Capital is a registered member of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). We adhere to all rules and regulations of the JSE and ensure compliance through our company’s internal policies and procedures. We have a strict code of conduct stipulating that we will always act truthfully and in the best interests of our clients, and as such, we take responsibility for our actions and are fully accountable to our clients. 

Based in Johannesburg, Intrepid Capital is dedicated to providing a personal service to our clients. We believe that our hands-on approach is what makes us stand out from our competition. We pride ourselves on our passion to treat each client as an individual and to manage their needs as personally as possible. Our experience and integrity form the base of any decision or solution we develop.

About Dreadnought Capital

Dreadnought Capital was founded in 2012 as an advisory services company with interests in the Republic of South Africa and continental Africa. Since its inception, it has been actively involved in the establishment of derivatives exchanges throughout Africa. It also provides consulting and training services in countries where the feasibility and structure of derivatives exchanges are being debated. 

In a short space of time it has established itself as a specialist in providing a workable structure for derivatives exchanges in Africa

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve a positive impact, through innovation, anticipating change and identifying new opportunities, for our clients.  

Through Intrepid Capital’s extensive market knowledge, innovative culture, and sound client relationships, we are committed to empowering our clients so that in time they will be able to take responsibility for managing their own investments and gain the ability to implement their own solutions to safe-guard themselves against adverse market conditions. 

Our knowledge of derivatives is transferred to our clients and together we will develop a tailored strategy to best meet their needs for achieving financial resilience and independence.

What we Do

At Intrepid Capital, we take pride in our commitment to personalised client service and aim to meet our client expectations. We recognise that each client is unique and has different challenges and opportunities. For this reason we create personalised solutions for each client. No client is too big or too small.  

We offer services that include:  

Thanks to our vast market knowledge and experience, we are able to provide access to multiple markets for both individual and corporate investors. We go beyond simply counseling all of our investors and instead strive to empower and educate our clients so that they can trade on their own using our DMA.  

Assisting corporates to hedge their currency exposure has become increasingly relevant. Our belief is that the client should focus on their core business, rather than currency speculating. We can eliminate the uncertainty by hedging out the currency risk. Our modus operandi is simple, yet effective - we listen to the client, understand the problem, present workable solutions with cost implications, assist the client on the way forward and execute the agreed approach. 

We are driven by three factors:

1. Our People

At Intrepid Capital, we’re proud of our team. The talent within our business is key to our success. Part of this team has been instrumental in creating and listing the derivatives products on the JSE. 

Our dealers have a fundamental understanding of the mechanics behind each derivative product. And, because of our years of experience, knowledge and understanding, we’re adept at managing a marketplace that moves quickly

2. Our Technology

We have strategically invested in a market-leading leading DMA (Direct Market Access) platform that allows real time trading and can cope with dynamic risk management on a real time basis. Our DMA is a user-friendly web-based platform which means you are able to access your portfolio from any device or location. All SAFEX products are traded on the WebTrader Pro platform provided by Nutcracker. 

3. Empowering Our Clients

Trading derivatives requires a different approach to that of traditional stocks and bonds. This is because less capital is required to get access to greater exposure, which means that investors can leverage their positions. By the same token, they have a misconception of carrying a ‘higher risk’ which can cause potential clients to shy away from this form of investment.  At Intrepid Capital, we aim to encourage potential clients to put their trust in us and move away from the traditional financial broker and old-fashioned way of thinking. 

We empower our clients by providing them with expert knowledge, advice and solutions to enable them to create their own investment strategy, which can be both liberating and financially rewarding.  We are a modern firm that strongly believes that people must take responsibility for their own financial freedom.

What Drives Us